"Bring happiness to hearts of seniors on Valentine�s Day"


Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance, and who doesn’t like that? The extra-special attention lathered upon us each February 14th evokes the warm and gooey feelings we felt when we first fell in love. For many seniors, however, this annual day of love can be just another day, or worse, a day of increased loneliness and sorrow.

Many seniors are widowed or living alone and finding a special way to show them extra love on Valentine’s Day can make a big difference.

Here are some ways you can fill a senior’s Valentine’s Day with extra love:

Have flowers delivered, or deliver them yourself if you live nearby

If your loved one has old letters from the love of their life, dust them off and read them together

A special treat is even sweeter when it’s shared, so sit awhile and share something yummy

Get the kids involved – seniors love homemade valentines, even better if they include a recent photo and are delivered in person!

Organize a family brunch pot luck and have each family member share stories of times your senior has shown they love you

Frame an old photo of you with your senior, include a card about how much they mean to you

Continue a tradition they may have shared with their late spouse – perhaps a picnic at the park or dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Bring your dogs to visit. Many senior facilities welcome visits from leashed and well-behaved pets. Call ahead to the Activities Director to see if pre-registration is required.

Be there –your time and presence can add happiness to a day that may have otherwise been lonely and depressing.

There are many ways to bring happiness to hearts of seniors on Valentine’s Day. Including those who may be alone and lonely in your Valentine’s Day plans will increase the love you share and may remind someone what it feels like to be in love.


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