Find A Home Health Aide in Savannah

Nothing is more important than your health, which is why it's so important to find a home health aide in Savannah that you can count on. Receiving basic medical care at home can be incredibly liberating for people with chronic health conditions and those who need support as they recover after surgery. However, you need to know what qualities to look for in these care professionals — and what questions you should ask.

Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Health Aide in Savannah

At Interim Healthcare of Savannah, we provide home health care for many local families. We're familiar with the challenges of finding the right provider and the concerns you and your loved ones may have. 

To help you get a clearer sense of what you need in a home health aide in Savannah, we recommend you start with the following questions:

  • What kind of help do you need? - If you're seeking support for a medical condition, list out any health-related help you need, such as physiotherapy, IV management, or wound care. Next, outline any activities of daily life that you find difficult, like running errands, preparing meals, or basic housework. Additionally, consider our emotional well-being and how regular visits from a friendly home health aide might help.
  • How often do you need it? - Do you just need occasional care to save you a trip to an outpatient clinic, or do you need daily support? What time of day would you benefit most from home health care? 
  • Is a home health aide the right option for you? - Home care can take many forms. Do you really need someone trained in health care, or could your care needs be addressed by a different kind of caregiver in the Savannah area?
  • Which care providers offer the support you need? - Once you've established your care needs and preferred schedule, look for care providers who can accommodate you fully.
  • What vetting and monitoring processes do they follow? - You should have full confidence in your home health aide's abilities. Ask any provider what steps they take to verify each care professional's credentials and monitor the standard of their care.

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